Maximum Fun. Minimum Hassle. Zero Emissions


For: People of all ages and abilities

That: Seek recreational and educational sailing-based experiences

Then: w1Da provides the next generation of environmentally-friendly sailboats, events and cultural experiences in the most attractive locations in Ireland and the UK…

Unlike Existing sailboats that are expensive to buy and maintain, rarely reach the best cruising grounds, difficult to transport and struggle to compete against “one-off” racing yachts


w1Da is a community of sailors, friends, families, boat makers, event holders, suppliers and partners that enjoy and provide marine recreational products, services and events.


w1Da launch dates to be announced shortly

w1Da Experiences

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w1Da offers safe, comfortable cruising, competitive racing and effective training experiences,

at the lowest cost of ownership


w1Da:  Environmental, Electric, Experience

(…and Free Fuel for Life…)